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A Ministry of One Accord Baptist Church
2330 County Road 18  Newville, AL  36353


Recognizing the desire of many Christians to educate their children in a home environment, the membership of One Accord Baptist Church (OABC) established One Accord Christian School (OACS) as a ministry to offer support, encouragement, and prayer to families who home educate.  The following policies and requirements will be used to administer this ministry.

1.    Each home educating family is encouraged to maintain a schedule that is conducive to learning.  The ultimate goal of home education is providing a quality education in an environment that brings honor and glory to God.  Conduct your home education in such an exemplary manner that no one in your community will be concerned about the quality of the job you are doing.

2.    Home education families shall be accountable to OABC and abide by all OACS requirements.

3.    Each family wishing to join OACS shall complete all home education enrollment forms.

4.    Each family will pay the required yearly enrollment fee to OACS.

5.    Each family will sign a Statement of Belief as a part of the enrollment process.

6.    Each family will sign a statement releasing the church from all legal responsibility for the education of their children.

7.    Each home education family is required to join Home School Legal Defense Association and pay the required fee.  A copy of the HSLDA membership card shall be provided to OACS upon enrollment and yearly upon renewal by each family.

8.    Attendance records are mandatory for each student enrolled and shall be submitted twice per year (January and June) and placed on file in the church office.

9.    Grade reports are mandatory for each student enrolled in grades 7-12 and shall be submitted twice per year (January and June) and placed on file in the church office.  Grade reports are optional for each student enrolled in grades K-6.  Each family may choose to submit grade reports for students in K-6 as a means of safekeeping in case of disaster(s) and/or misplacement.

10.    A standardized achievement test may be offered annually.

11.    Each family will attend a mandatory yearly orientation meeting (August).  Each family is required to submit a Request for Excused Absence for approval if they will be unable to attend said meeting.

12.    A student will not be allowed to re-enroll after withdrawal during a school year.  A second withdrawal of the student will negate the possibility of re-enrollment.  (Relocation is a possible exception.)

13.    Failure to comply with the above guidelines may result in dismissal from this ministry.  Upon such dismissal the appropriate authorities will be notified.

14.    The membership of One Accord Baptist Church promises to provide prayer support.

Last Revision of Policies:  5/1/11